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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  March 7, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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kenya. so did huckabee. he told us he knew it. so why did he get caught telling us this story? george f. will should be commended for knowing precisely why he did. he's removing from the conservative movement or at least a presidential candidate for the same good reasons bill buckley bounced that guy back in the 1950 z, because it doesn't make the rest of the movement look good clowning around with these guys. that's it. more politics ahead with ce cenk uyger. welcome to the show. we've got exciting news for you tonight. it appears the wisconsin protesters are winning. they are winning! governor walker is on the ropes. we've been waiting for polls to come out in wisconsin and now they are in, and they are really bad for walker. now a recent rasmussen poll, they tend to lean republican and even they show that governor walker is in trouble. 57% of wisconsin voters disapprove of his job
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performance. another pollç shows that just % of people have a favorable view of governor walker whereas 53% have an unfavorable view. that puts his unfavorable ratings up 18 points in november when it was just at 35%. so his unfavorability going through the roof. when you get more specific with the voters, it just gets worse for governor walker. 65% of people in wisconsin think that governor walker should compromise with the democrats, which he absolutely refuses to do. 68% of independents are in favor of compromise. when you lose those independants, you're in a lot of trouble. but do you know who the public supports? unions, it turns out. look at this poll. 59% of people have a favorable view towards public employee unions as a whole. and it's the same favorable number for teachers unions. very much in favor of their unions, specifically the teachers. all right, those polls may be getting the republicans in the state -- getting to the
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republicans in the state legislature. looks like they're a little nervous. "the wall street journal" reports that, quote, conservatives in wisconsin are -- there it is, getting nervous that three republican state senators may deflect on the collective bargaining reform vote. they may defect. they're on the ropes. you stood out there for so long in the cold and the winter and the snow. but look, it's paying off. the people are on your side, stay strong. meanwhile, the senate democratic leaders shot down the report that some of his own members hiding out in illinois would return to wisconsin. although democrats did once again reach out to governor walker offering to negotiate with him at the illinois state line, which is unique, interesting. it's a fair offer. and guess what walker did with it? boom, no way. of course, he never compromises. and it looks like it's going to hurt him. look, at some point, you've got to begin making a deal. and governor walker won't do it. do you know what he complained
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about? he complained the state senate democratic leaders might be taking secret calls from labor leaders. you just got a secret call from david koch, who are you to take up that issue?ç i guess that's what happens when you're desperate. when this thing began, no one believed. the national politicians didn't believe, all those other people in washington didn't believe, but there were some people in wisconsin who went out there in the cold and they believed. and guess what? they're having an effect. look, even if walker doesn't bend on this, some of the state republicans might bend and you might win on this specific issue. and if you don't, it's spreading nationwide anyway. we'll talk about that in the next segment as well. joining me is former u.s. congressman from wisconsin, david obee. what's your take on walker and
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the stance he's taking? >> well, the real injury is to this state. the governor began his term by talking about making wisconsin open for business and attracting jobs to wisconsin. no thoughtful businesses are going to try to come to a state where you've had the kind of turmoil that we've exhibited the last three weeks. this is a very serious matter that not only impacts the future of a few politicians but it really has a huge negative effect on the entire state. if the governor really scare cas about this state, he will find a way to overcome his instincts and compromise. if he doesn't, i'm convinced after being -- i was in places like luck, spooner, rice lake, not exactly hot beds of union activity, but i'm telling you, i've never seen crowds like that
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before. and it is apparent to me that if the governor does not engage in meaningful compromise, he will be recalled. because when you go after the juggler and try to put workers out of business, that is when they will. mean business in the way they respond.ç >> e whwhoa, you just said reca. really, the governor not only will not win reelection, you think there's some chance he's going to get recalled? to. >> re-election is four years away. and i -- i frankly dislike intensely the idea of recalls, whether it's for state legislators or for governor, but with someone with the power of the governor oversteps that line as much as he has, and when he becomes so abusive of the dignity of workers, when he becomes so abusive of their basic rights to defend themselves in the economic arena, then you're left with
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very little choice. it is a year -- the governor has to be in office for a year before anyone can try to recall him, but the fact is that if -- if the governor still has the possibility of defusing this, but if he doesn't use this opportunity to provide meaningful compromise rather than insisting on abject s surrender from the wisconsin 14, then i think it's pretty clear to me that you will have stirred up the kind of anger that will be long standing and i think the governor will be one of the principal political victims. >> congressman, for the wisconsin 14 that are outside right now in illinois, they have no incentive to come back in, do they? if you think about it and look at the polls, the people are on their side. if they now surrendered for no apparent reason, that would be really, i think dispirting peopa
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long period of time. it doesn't look like that's going to be an issue. is it the republican senators that have to say, i don't care what walker is doing, i have to keep my job. i'm going to get thrown out here. >> well, i think that there is a strong insent ef for those 14 democrats to come back to madison because they want -- they want to move forward and do things that are constructive for the state ofç wisconsin, but right now they've been given no choice. i've talked to the state senators numerous times every disince this has started. and i know they have tried again and again to try to look for common ground with the governor, but every time that something gets put on the table, it winds up being yanked, the governor holds a nasty press conference, the speaker of the house -- or the majority leader, fitzgerald,
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put out nasty, ridiculing letters. people should be looking for ways to cool it and work this out rather than escalating the anger, which is what the governor is doing by his stubbornness. >> right, but he would be crazy to give into 2456 stubbornness. if governor walker gives no concessions, they can't possibly come back, can they? >> those 14 members of the senate right now are heroes to the average working people of the state. what workers tell me is it's been one hell of a long time since i've seen some politicians really stand up for workers and mean it, and these people are demonstrating that they mean it, and people are both surprised and extremely pleased by the fact that they've shown the guts that they've shown. of. >> and are you proud this seems to be spreading throughout the country? fighting back. now it looks like some republican governors are stepping back saying whoa, whoa, whoa, i don't want any part of this fight? >> i'm proud of the fact that
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you had in wisconsin people finally say they were mad as hell and they're not going to swallow it anymore. i mean, it is one thing to suggest to workers that they need to cut back their wages or their health coverage in order to help the state budget. those public employees have already said they're willing to do that. but at this point, what the governor is continuing to insist on is that those workers be put out of business in terms of their ability to gather together and work collectively to protect their own economic interestings at th kargaining table. also remember, when teachers gained the right in wisconsin to engage in collective bargaining, they gave up the right to strike. would people really like to see teacher strikes come back to wisconsin? because the state has welched on half of that deal?
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>> right. and this is an attack on the middle class. and that's what the american people are wising up to in the next segment as well. >> no question. there's no question about that. every pressure in this economy for the last 20 years has been a downward pressure on wages. anything in the economy that is the slightly upward pressure on wages for the average worker is the ability of workers to try to bargain collectively, and that's what the governor wants to take away. that will result in an even larger of transfer of income up the income scale. and as far as i'm concerned, that is not just an economic issue, it becomes an assault on the moral underpinning of enlightened capitalism. >> all right, congressman david obee, thank you for joining us tonight. >> you're welcome. >> and there's a lot of people who agree with him as we're going to explain. scott walker woke up a sleeping giant in the unions and the
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working class of this country. and this war on the middle class has national impact. we'll show you how michael moore and warren buffet actually agree on this issue. and ed rendell and senator bernie sanders on how to turn wisconsin into a national win for the democrats. plus, is congressman peter king on a crusade against islam? hundreds of muslims protest his, quote, muslim extremism hearings. even the celebrities join in. we're going to find out if the hearings are big gotted. and michelichele bachmann takes obama's, quote, gangster government oon "meet the press." where customers save an average of $293 a month. call lending tree at... today. ♪ when it's planes in the sky ♪ ♪ for a chain of supply, that's logistics ♪ ♪ when the parts for the line ♪ ♪ come precisely on time ♪ that's logistics ♪
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woman of one of his staffers. that ain't right. then he was accused of helping that staffer get lobbyist work. that's not legal. ensign still renighs breaking any law or ethics rule and said he couldn't put his family through an election and said that he was burdened by, quote, consequences to sin. huh. ensign was elected to the house in 1994 preaching, of course, family values. but at least in this case, it's actually caught up with him, which is not usual. normally, republicans usually pay no price for marital infidelity. unless it's with a dude. politics is a funny thing.
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the republicans want you to believe that america is broke. they want you to believe things have so bad there's no other option but their draconian cuts. >> we're broke. broke going on bankrupt. >> we have to reform medicare. it costs too much and it's going to bankrupt us. >> because obama care will bankrupt the country. >> just because we followed grea greece into democracy does not mean we need to follow them into bankruptcy. >> false, false, false, false, false, false. it's all fall. we're not broke, nor are we going bankrupt. i'm not the only one who thinks this. michael moore and bloomberg news both agree that america is nowhere near broke.
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here's more in wisconsin over the weekend. >> america is not broke. not by a long shot. the country is awash in wealth and cash! it's just that it's not in your hands! it has been transferred in the greatest heist in history from the workers and consumers into the banks and portfolios of the uber rich. >> now, that's totally true. and republicans say we face financial ruin because we're in debt. but bloomberg says the u.s. is not going broke or going bankrupt. the it says almost every government is in debt, which makes sense. which makes sense. that's normal operating procedure.
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you're only in trouble when no one will loan you money anymore. the real problem is that our tax rates are badly skewed. if we ask the very wealthyç to share the pain of these economic time, we could balance the budget as we did in the clinton years. everybody knows this. the whole financial market knows it, otherwise they wouldn't lend us the money at those incredibly low rates. this isn't about whether we can pay our bills but how the wealthiest americans air void paying their share. >> they have bought and paid for hundreds of politicians across the country to do their bidding for them. >> the gop says the only way to balance the budget is to do it off the backs of the middle class, but having done so, they present the democrats with a great opportunity. to stick up for the middle class. democrats can come riding to the rescue here, but that means they have to fight for your priorities and not for the wealthy political donors.
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here's what warren buffet said about that, quote, there's class war fair, all right, but it's my class, the rich class that's making war and we're winning. michael moore and warren buffet agree. every sensible person in the country agrees. fighting for the middle class is the right thing to do and it's also an obvious winning political strategy. it's easy, it's gift wrapped for the democrats. now question is, will they do it. it's a good question. joining me now is independent senator bernie sanders of vermont and former pennsylvania governor and nbc news political analyst ed rendell. how will the democrats stick up for the working class and fight back for them? >> the clear issue is a clear issue. the republicans want to throw hundreds of thousands of kids off head start. they want to substantially cut back on pel grants which will impact millions of college students. they want to cut back on heating assistance programs, they want to cut back on pregnancy
6:20 pm
prevention. pra, et cetera, et cetera. this is a real vicious attack. what the republican budget in washington is against working families and low income-paying people. meanwhile, the top 1% are doing phenomenally well. their effective tax rate at 16% is at lower than anytime in recorde@ç history. they have gotten hundreds of billions of dollars in tax breaks. instead of attacking middle class and working families, you eve got to ask the wealthy to start paying their fair share of taxes. if we simply do a 5% surtax on all income over $1 million, you can do away, cover all of the cuts that the republicans have put into their budget. you don't have to cut back on children, the sick, the elderly or the poor. ask the people earning more than $1 million to pay a 5% surtax on income above $1 million.
6:21 pm
go after the oil companies thov loophole after loophole. you do those thing, you don't need any of the cuts the republicans are talking about. >> governor rendell, will the national democratic party have the courage to do that? will they say let's put a surtax on people making over $1 million. and let's not fight for it and say oh, look at that, the republicans won again. >> i think so. i think wisconsin has been a catalyst. i think the national democrats should pivot and number one, do what bernie said, close the loopholes, first of all. nobody out there thinks loopholes make sense. let's close those loopholes. virtually every american agrees they're making record profits. those are things i think are easy to do. we should speak up.
6:22 pm
i do believe we do have to cut some problems. we certainly need to cut wasteful spending, and there is some waste in social programs. don't after heating assistance for low income people, but you try to trim those programs that aren't reaching their mark.ç the pain is all on one side. >> governor rendell, they just had a vote in congress and the republicans won on loopholes, they voted to keep the loopholes for the oil companies. why don't you call them out on it? the republicans are vicious to democrats. why don't they come out and say these republicans are bought
6:23 pm
lock, stock and barrel. >> i think that's the mistake we made in the 2010 election. we tried to be republican-lite. everywhere we tried to do that, we lost. we should have stood up for the things we believe in and tell the people the absolute truth, and then if we lose, at least we lost fighting for things this we believe in, that are our core principles. and it's time for us to go back to the core principles, what made us democrats and stand up and put those before the voters. don't try to be imitation republicans. >> senator sanders, i want to go to that point, right? governor rendell mentioned. >> would you do for a surtax? is it possible anyone would even suggest that in washington? >> governor rendell is right. there is waste in government. i didn't mean to suggest that we can't make judicious cuts in a number of areas.
6:24 pm
certainly, including the military, whose budget has almost tripled since 19977. so i do any you need to make some cuts. but on the other hand, when the wealthiest people are becoming wealthier, paying very low effective tax rates have received huge amounts of tax breaks, they have got to anticipate in the effort. it cannot simply be on the backs of the week and vulnerable. what's going on here in washington? we had an immediate $800 billion tax cut. really almost no fight over that.ç when you go to balance the budget, they say you can only do spending cuts. so you've already lost. why do the democrats lose that framing battle every single time? >> look, i was on the floor of the senate for 8 1/2 hours talking about those issues.
6:25 pm
and i think that the problem is that big money has a huge impact on both political parties. i think it's fair to say many democrats have lost their way and no longer see their function as representing working people or the middle class, but share the goal of the republicans, unfortunately, in representing the wealthy and the powerful. >> see, that's an interesting indictment of some democrats. and i totally agree with that. governor rendell, what do you think? >> i agree with bernie as well. i think some people in our party have forgotten our roots and forgot what we're fighting and forgotten fundamental fairness. this interim budget battle and the long-battle over the president's budget next year are going to be very, very telling. it's my hope that every democ t democratic senator in the senate will stand up and say hey, don't even talk to us about tax cuts when you're giving subsidies to the oil companies. don't even talk to us about
6:26 pm
spending cuts when you're not closing loopholes that are so unfir. then next year let's go back to taking away the bush tax cut. >> i hope the white house is listening to you guys. hey, wait a minute, governor rendell is senator sanders is right. you've got to give back these subsidies to the largest oil companies in the world. >> it's ridiculous, ridiculous. >> the only thing i would add tç what ed said is that the republican proposal in the midst of a horrendous recession with unemployment extraordinarily high will cut, cut hundreds and hundreds of thousands of jobs. >> enand, that's not theory.
6:27 pm
do you remember this past month's job report. 223,000 public sector jobs created. that's great news. the net was 192,000 because we lost 30,000 public sector jobs. that is just the beginninging. the tip of the iceberg of what we're going to lose when these budget cuts go through not only in washington but in state capitals alike. >> all right, senator sanders, governor rendell, thank you both for joining us this evening. really appreciate it. it was a great conversation. all right, michelle bachmann calls the obama administration gangsters again. she brought a strange prop with her. we have one for her, too. that should be fun. and when you think of a warm and fuzzy man, do you think of this guy? apparently a lot of americans do. that's interesting. who ranked warmer, michelle obama or chris christie? we'll have that answer for you. [ manager ] you know...
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to london starts with arthritis pain... and a choice. take tylenol now, and maybe up to 8 in a day. or...choose aleve and 2 pills for a day free of pain. enjoy the flight. new hampshire house republicans are trying to pass a new law that would prevent college students from voting. if this sounds like a gop young people from voting because they happen to be democrats, well, it turns out that's exactly what it is. listen to what the state speaker
6:32 pm
of the house told tea partiers about young voters. >> they go into these general elections they'll have 900 same-day registrations, which are the kids coming out of school and basically doing what i did when i was a kid and foolish voting as a liberal. that's what kids do. they don't have life experience and they just vote their feelings. >> that's awesome. he just admitted it. i don't know if he knew he was on tape or not. we can't have the damn liberals voti voting. we have to figure out a way so only we vote and they don't. so next time you hear about fraud and a.c.o.r.n., they have no interest in that. they're just trying to prevent liberals from voting. michele bachmann went on "meet the press" and dodged just about every question. she apparently thought answering the questions was just optional. instead, she immediate pli welyo her bag full of crazy, pulled out a talking about about how
6:33 pm
obama's healthç care plan had secret $500 billion only she could see. >> we' taken one step forward and two steps back. we found $105 billion have all been implemented. >> am i the only one who gets creeped out by her maniacal stare? that was one of the worst props i've ever seen. what was the point of that. it just had a number on it. you know what, two can play that number. here's how much proof she offered to back up here blame of the secret $105 billion. then she goes back to talking about obama's gangster government. >> is it prevent to refer to the government as a gangster government and question whether this president loves america? >> well, i do believe actions taken by this white house, i don't take back my statement on gangster government. i think there have been actions that have been taken by this
6:34 pm
government that i think are corrupt. >> here's what she offered as proof of obama's corruption. here's our iq. you know what, it turns out props are kind of fun. two things certain in life -- death and taxes. but republicans like jan brewer are actually choosing between the two which is amazing. how tax cuts might be costing some people their lives in arizona. and the recall effort against jan brewer in arizona because of those unbelievable cuts. and sarah palin rips kathie griffin and they both gain from it. we'll show you how. [ female announcer ] mousse temptations by jell-o.
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what is a human life worth? how about 96 human lives? in arizona, there actual willcy a price. it's $1.7 million. it would cost at most $1.7 million to save the lives of 96 people. arizona republican governor jan brewer made $61 million in cuts in 2009 to the state's medicaid
6:38 pm
program. in october, the money to fund some types of life-saving transplants like heart, liver and bone marrow transplants finally tried up. in her budget this year, the governor went after the state's medicaid program again. brewer proposed to cut $541 million from the already strapped program. by dropping 280,000 arizonians from the rolls and offering no help to the transplant patients. governing is about choices? what would you do? would you spend $1.7 million if it would save 96 of your neighbors? 44-year-old douglas was denied a heart transplant after the budget cuts into effect. he told rueter, quote, governor brewer is signing death warrants. that's what she's doing. this is death for me. he's one of the 98 people whose chance of prolonging his life was essentially ended by a stroke of governor brewer's pen.
6:39 pm
i just said 98. earlier i was saying 96. why? because there were 98 of them. now there are only 96 left. two have died since medicaid cuts went into effect in october. at least one of those deaths is believed to be the direct result of governor brewer's budget decisions. an unidentified man whoç needea liver transplant died on december 28. a spokesperson said his death was, quote, most like live the result of not receiving a transplant. quote, it's impossible to say with 100% certainty whether the patient would have died anyway, but we do know that his condition has gotten more severe since he was taken off the list. but this is not a simply a matter of whether you cut or don't cut. there are choices being made. for example, governor brewer gave away $538 million when she signed a business tax cut package into law. now, that includes lowering the corporate tax rate from 7% to 5%, tax credits for job creation and restarting arizona's job training program.
6:40 pm
now, you might agree with some of those proposals and not agree with others. but they are choices. she took $538 million from medicaid and gave $541 million in business tax cuts. i'm asking you, are you comfortable with a government that have says 96 people are not going to get life saving treatment because corporations needed an extra 2% tax break? imagine if someone you knew and cared about was in that 96? is that the kind of government you want? apparently for some arizonians it is not. because they have started a drive to recall governor brewer. they held a demonstration in phoenix on saturday. they were joined by a group of transplant survivors who came to voice their support for the arizona 96. joining me now is an msnbc contributor. dave, are these medicaid cuts
6:41 pm
draconian? to me, it seems like taking people off the transplant list because you ran out of money for the medicaid program -- i mean, really, are the people of arizona behind that? that seems crazy to me. >> the governor seemed to acknowledge this after not acknowledging this, saying this is the cut, this was off the table. she did propose creating a fund, i think $150 million to have pay for someç life-saving surgerie. i don't think you can look at that pro-poefz sposal and say s like this are not responsible for that. this is galvanizing for people because they were unable to convince the rest of the state the cuts were going to affect everyone negatively unless they were coming into the state to employ lots of people theoretically for a business. >> dave, that's an interesting point. you look at all the different polls. when you ask people, would you like to do cuts or get get more
6:42 pm
taxes, it's pretty even. but if you actually go to the specific cuts and you say i am going to cut medicaid, people are going to die. they say oh, no, no, no i don't want that at all. are they missing it here? when you elect a republican who says they're going to cut, this is what they cut. >> it is. this is pretty universal. this recall is a lot like what's happening in wisconsin, if democrats get their way. in wisconsin, governor walker has proposed cutting a lot of things from the budget in order to in part pay for tax cutsing scliened uhhing those things that's kicking people off badger care, their health care. i could have my life span cut in half if i have bone cancer.
6:43 pm
the goal is to have everything trickle down, cut taxes and there's going to be pain at most of these lower levels of society, but hey, maybe eventually they'll get a job that can play for health care and it won't be the state's problem anymore. that's the theory, but it's tougher to explain when people drop dead. >> she gets to brag she cut spending, but a lot of these people wind up in the emergency room anyway. and they wind up costing more money in some cases. so is it just kind of transferring the money around but getting to brag about cuts?ç >> it's tough because a lot of these problems would be solved if the economy rebounded. and that's not something state governments vf as much control over as they would like. arizona has been attracting people to the state from other states that aren't doing as well for a very long time, having a lot more to do -- well, having something to do with right to work lous and having something
6:44 pm
to do with the fact that it's arizona and they can get away with a pretty good quality of life. they' got people relocating there. it isn't always necessary, but i think of arizona, i think of north dakota which is probably going to have a $700 million surplus this year. north dakota is not taking that surplus and pouring it into anything you might support. they actually had a vote recently on whether to freeze four-year college tuition. it failed by a landslide. that's not where the priorities are. the priority is getting that money and giving it fwak to taxpayers in the hope the problems are going to get sorted out by free markets. >> the taxes is a competition among the states, too. it's trying to attract a football team. isle give you more cuts, isle give you more cuts or i'll fund the stadium. all the states wind up hurting each other. it's a terrible idea and it winds up hurting their actual constituents. we're going to keep track on
6:45 pm
this and see if these recall efforts in wisconsin and arizona gain traction, too. thank you for your time tonight. >> plrt, now as congressman peter king on a witch hunt against muslims? a top expert says yes. we joins me ahead. and the charlie sheen soap opera goes on. more on the best reality show on tv ahead. breathes easily. it flows with clean water. it makes its skyline greener and its population healthier. all to become the kind of city people want to live and work in. somewhere in america, we've already answered some of the nation's toughest questions. and the over sixty thousand people of siemens are ready to do it again. siemens. answers.
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>> a big part of winning
6:47 pm
elections is connecting with the people. here's the top three warmest figures. number one, michelle obama. she's the first lady. number two, president bill clinton. popular president. i get it. this is where it gets weird. at number three, in after poll about warm feelings, chris christie. what? when you think warm and fuzzy, do you really think of this man? a man becoming a rising star for republicans for being a bully? that's fascinating. on the other hand, rudy giuliani came in fifth. this is how much i think about that poll. jew -- giuliani? warm and fuzzy? i don't think so. [ woman announcing ] every subaru is responsibly built in a zero landfill plant. so it's no wonder they fit so naturally with spring. come to the subaru love spring event. get a subaru, and go love spring.
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6:50 pm
extent of the radicalization of american muslims. congressman king denies he's unfairly singling out muslims even as he refuses to accept democrat proposals to broaden the hearings beyond muslims. >> the enemy right now is within the muslim community. a small percentage, but it's there. >> this is not the first time king has expressed strong opinions about muslims in america. in 2007, he told politico, there are, quote, too many mosques in this country and there's been a, quote, lack of full cooperation from too many people in the muslim community. what does that mean? too many mosques? what do you think happens to a politician if you do that to any other religion? what if they said there's too many churches? how about too many jewish temples and they decided to hold hearings on that. but muslims you can attack, no problem at all. let me give you real facts here. last month, the triangle center
6:51 pm
on terrorism and homeland security released the results of home grown terrorism since 9/11. quote, tips from muslim american community provided the source of information that led to a terrorist plot being thwarted in 48 of the 120 cases involving muslim americans. that incollides plom cases like the times square bomber. and there's another thing. there's been an explosive rise in the number of hate groups, but those are on the extreme right, having nothing to do with muslim groups. a report puts the in um ber of active u.s. hate groups at more than 1,000 for the first time ever. congratulations, america. topping the list, the ku klux klan with 221 related groups. followed by neo-nazis groups, 170 nationwide. and that doesn't make any sense. why is the congressman not
6:52 pm
focused on those groups and thoseç threats. with me now is the director of the intelligence project for the southern poverty law center. mark, let me be direct. is this set of hearings by congressman king a waste of time? >> the way they're organized, yes, a waste of time and even worse. congressman king does not come to this in with clean hands at all. he is a fellow who described 85% to 90% of the muslims in america or the mosques in america as being fundamentalists, tied to jihadis and so on. what this whole episode reminds me, imagine keith e lisman were to call hearings on evangelical christians so we could look. >> into this milieu that produces so many abortion clinic bombers along those lines. i think it's obvious congress
6:53 pm
would be surrounded by people with pip forks and flaming brands. >> let's talk about that. if you were going to do an actual hearing on all the different threats in the country, what would you focus on? >> i think it's an important thing to take a look at how people become radicalizesed. we saw that in groups with i look at more frequently. young people who move from being frequently stable people to adopting extremely radical beliefs and ultimately to undertaking terrorist action. i think that is an absolutely legitimate topic that ugt to be looked at. but when you single out a community like this, which by all accounts, including law enforcement accounts, is a community that cooperates at very high levels with police, despite what peter king has suggested, it makes no sense. you're simply antagonizing the community, essentially calling it names and in effect
6:54 pm
ensuring -- or working to ensure the community, in fact, will not cooperate with you.ç >> are hatred groups growing? what's their status? >> hate groups have been growing in this country steadily for the last ten years or so, and i think mainly around the idea that this country is losing its white majority. we've seen burglparticularly explosive growth on the right in general. anti-government patriot groups, hate groups and other types of extreme groups. this is very much tied to that idea that somehow this country is not the country that some people think it once was. >> all right, mark, thank you so much for joining us tonight. really appreciate it. now sarah palin bounces on kathie griffin? and why they might both win from
6:55 pm
this fight. [ male announcer ] achievement: embraces mondays. ♪
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6:58 pm
new for some stories that cross over from of politics to pop culture. the kathie griffin and sarah palin story is is a perfect example of how politics and pop culture meet. anna, what's going on there? >> cenk, sarah palin is going after kathie griffin. griffin who has a lost history of making fun of the palin family is said to play a palin-type teaç partier on an episode of "glee." >> you know, kathie griffin can do anything to me or say anything about me because she's kind of this -- she's a 50-year-old adult bully really is what she is. kind of an has-been comedienne and she can do those things to me. >> why do you think they're getting into this cat fight? >> it's so obvious it's a publicity stunt. they're doing a great job piggy
6:59 pm
backing off of one another for publicity. i mean, think about it. sarah palin attacks kathie griffin. she gets some news coverage. griffin attacks palin's family, she gets news coverage off of it. it's perfect. >> if they're trying to sell books or get tv shows, that's how it works. give me the latest on charlie sheen real quick. >> now to the latest on charlie sheen. warner brothers officially ended their contract with "two and a half men" earlier today. but mark cuban has had talks with sheen about possibly hosting a show. cuban said, quote, i've reached out and we've had some conversations and we're going to work on doing some things. >> that's pretty interesting. things like sheen's corner. i've got torpedos of truth! do you


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